Past Chefs

Cory Vitiello


Cory Vitiello, the chef-owner of the Harbord Room, known as much for his kitchen skills as for appearing on most-eligible lists, has opened four locations in the past year, including two in the core and a third at Bloor and Church. The fourth replaced THR&Co., his short-lived slow-food restaurant down the block from the Harbord Room. The Flock concept is takeout rotisserie chicken, though I kept hearing from dedicated regulars that it’s really all about the salads. It’s not often that you hear conjoined the words “salad” and “incredible.”

Hemant Bhagwani


After cooking at 360, the CN Tower’s restaurant, in 2002, Bhagwani opened Kamasutra restaurant and wine bar in midtown in 2003. In 2007, he opened Amaya the Indian Room followed by Bread Bar in 2008, both of which showcased a more refined side to regional Indian cuisine that Torontonians accustomed to takeout butter chicken and buffets had never seen. Around that time, the Amaya Express outlets started to pop up in office and mall food courts.

Two years ago, Bhagwani transformed the Indian Room into Indian Street Food Co., focusing on regional small plates like those sold by Indian street vendors. Bhagwani isn’t completely out of the restaurant industry. He’ll be travelling to London and then India for the next few months, working at various Indian restaurants in other cities to explore new ideas.

Toben Kochman


TOBEN Food by Design Inc. (“TOBEN”) was formed in 2005 in Toronto, Ontario as a catering company that specializes in providing fresh, local, artisan cuisine, custom menus, and event management services to both corporate and private cliental. Inspired by global cuisine, TOBEN puts a twist on classic fine dining by bringing the best from the reaches of world; Thailand, Korea, Vietnam, South America, India, Japan, and Europe. Menus are fully customized to reflect the distinct requirements of each client, paying close attention to dietary restrictions, budget, and style of event.

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