Marni Lokash


Marni Lokash has been selling Real Estate in Toronto for 21 years and has been inspired over those years, watching the city change and expand at a rapid pace. Having grown up and living her adult years in central Toronto, Marni knows the city from all angles. This knowledge has awarded her with clients putting their faith in Marni to assist in what can be their biggest financial transaction. With a love for design and understating of market trends, Marni’s business is largely based on her referral network along with igniting social relationships. With such an emotional transaction at hand, she believes  finding that person you can trust is an integral quality in the world of Real Estate. Homes for Dinner is a natural venue for Marni to host, bringing people together and raising money to ensure those without a home, can secure housing for their families and live comfortably in Toronto.

Snack : Steak tartare, XO sauce


Salad : Broccoli Caesar, sunflower seeds + anchovy


Fish : Chinook Salmon, Sunchokes  + caviar + pickled onions


Meat : smoked Brisket, Beets + watercress + horseradish


Dessert : Chocolate, creme fraiche + raspberry

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