Laura Johanson and Amira Beccarevic



Executive committee member of AS2YP and event chairperson.  Laura is a chef, nutritionist and mother to a wonderful daughter on the autism spectrum.  Who has brought her passion for food and desire to effect change together tonight at Sensesations.  Her passion for food inspired her formal training as a Chef at George Brown College's Culinary Arts Program.  Being an autism parent, she has first hand experience the impact that specific diet and lifestyle interventions can help improve an individual’s quality of life.

Laura is an innovative and passionate Certified Nutritional Practitioner and the founder of T.H.I.S. Therapeutic Holistic Integrated Strategies which provides a comprehensive personalized support program for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) families, using natural, holistic, long term strategies for healing. 

Amira Becarevic has dedicated the past 17 years to the culinary field in Toronto and B.C., working in some of Canada’s top restaurants and hotels. After leading several successful kitchens (Epic, the Chase, Colette Grand Café) and discovering an increasing passion for responsible, sustainable and healthful food as a way of life, she has branched out to open her own catering company in Leslieville and soon-to- come flagship location of Mira Mira at Assembly Chefs Hall in the downtown core. Amira and her talented team are looking forward to being a part of this exciting first of its kind project in Toronto.

Mira Mira serves health conscious fare with purposeful, high impact ingredients - without the sacrifice of bold flavours. She describes her personal motto as “eat well, be well” and attributes her own vast improvement in health and mood to this change in approach to healthy eating and lifestyle. “It’s no secret that healthy fats, proteins from high quality ingredients, lots of leafy greens and colourful vegetables are the keys to maintaining your best energy, inside and out. Most people often don’t make healthy choices a priority due to busy schedules - so we are bringing the option to you in a fast casual environment and sneaking in all kinds of amazingly beneficial ingredients that happen to taste great.”

-course 1-
Butternut Squash Tartare
salsa verde, horseradish, grainy mustard, veg crisps
-course 2-
Beet Soup
orange, tarragon, coconut milk, ginger
-course 3-
Cauliflower Pasta*
cauliflower bechamel, caponata, tamari almonds, parsley
-course 4-
Raw Caramel Apple Cheesecake
cashews, pecans, apples, dates, warming spice
Prepared by Amira Becarevic +Laura Johanson
Entire Menu is Vegan
*Gluten free option available for pasta substitution
Allergen List: soy, alum, coriander, nuts, citrus, gluten (pasta)

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