Corey Minz


30th century scholar Corey Mintz, using a device left to him by a mysterious relative, travels back in time to 21st century Toronto, where he blends in by working as a cook, then restaurant critic. Befriending a private detective, crazy scientist and a magician, Mintz entrusts them with his secret, enlisting their aid in his adventures. To learn more about contemporary earth culture, he writes a column for a Toronto newspaper (citation needed), in which he cooks and hosts dinner parties for interview in his home. Seeking to evade Cyber-HuntersTM, sent from the future by the tyrannical Lord Schnitzler-Rosenblatt, Mintz starts a new column and video series, cooking in different restaurant kitchens every week.(Twist: It's a time-loop paradox and Mintz is his own mysterious relative. Also maybe he is Schnitler-Rosenblatt too. Don't worry. We'll work out the kinks in the story as we go along.)



Cucumber salad/Tam Tang Kwa —roasted peanuts, chili, fish sauce

Dan Dan Noodles —ground pork, eggplant, Shaanxi chili oil (feat. cassia peel, tsaoko amomum fruit, dried alpinia officinarum, etc)

Kidney Bean Larb — lemongrass, chili, lime juice, galangal

Cookies — ginger molasses 

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