Become A Host Or Guest


You may dine with a comedian, a TV personality, an MP, or an architect!
You may be in Forest Hill, Cabbagetown or Little Italy.


Ticket includes:

  • A cocktail reception at William Ashley where we reveal your host for the night

  • A four-course meal paired with wine, cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages

  • A peek into the home of Toronto’s most interesting people

  • You can request:

  • Dining in groups of up to ten people

  • A vegetarian option

The rest is now up to fate!

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How it works:

40 hosts – people who love entertaining and who live in the Toronto core – welcome ticket holders into their homes for a dinner party. The twist is guest won’t know whose home they’ll be dining at until the night of the event. Guests gather for a cocktail reception at William Ashley where they exchange their ticket for an envelope. Inside: their hosts’ name and location is revealed. They now depart for dinner parties across the city.

As a host, you:

  • Welcome 8-12 people into your home (or an agreed upon third-party location)

  • Provide a 4-course dinner and drinks

  • Welcome and thank guests on behalf of Homes First

  • Provide a short bio for Homes First to use for marketing


Homes First provides:

  • A charitable tax receipt for supplies purchased for dinner (receipts required)

  • Assistance in finding a third-party “home” if you’d like to cook/host, but are unable to offer up your home

  • Some donated wine and beer to compliment your dinner, if you wish

  • A host kit with event tips, sponsor gift cards and special offers, contact information for event support, and discussion cards for guests

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